Partner Programme  

The Authorized Dealer store will have to be located in a prime shopping area of the city having the following:
Showroom space : 150 to 200sq. ft.
Frontage : Minimum 10 ft.
Showroom : Should be visible from main road


The stores will have to be furnished in contemporary style with counters, well-lit and visible spaces for display of pearls to their best advantage. Each store will also house a computer, printer etc. required for quick billing. It is essancial that the furniture be such as to convey a sense of exclusivily and import mystique to the pearls.


Investments required to be made by the authorized dealer :

Investment Areas Amount of Investment(Rs.)
Space, flooring, ceiling, lighting, air-conditioning, computers 2.0 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs
Stock @MRP less margin to Dealer 3.5 Lakhs to 4.0 Lakhs
Dealership fee (non returnable) for 6 years 1.5 Lakhs

All goods are returnable/refundable to the company af any time The authorised dealer has no dead stock or any slow moving stock All packaging materials are supplied by Mansarovar Pearls free of cost


The sales are fully dependent on your efforts. We have showrooms that do around 2 crores a year, and at the same time we have showroom's that do around 35 lacs a year. Of course location and market plays a part but it all bolls down to individual efforts at the end.


As for the profit, as always they are linked with sales.